Golden Glow Coal Burners

Designed for use in all Domestic Central Heating Installations

McLaughlin's Golden Glow Boilers are designed for use in all domestic central heating installations. All sizes can be covered with a full range of boilers available. Home heating, pubs, hotels and industrial units that need heat can install a Golden Glow Boiler.

They have automatic feeding systems, which are electronically controlled to ensure the most fuel efficient system on the market.

  • Heating power from 18kW to 250kW
  • Recommended Fuel: Golden Glow Boiler Beans
  • Efficiency: 89 to 90% efficient
  • Additional Fuels: Selected Golden Glow products
  • Warranty: 2 years for boiler, 1 year for feeding screw and all other parts.

Advantages of a Golden Glow Boiler

  • Highly efficient
  • Automatic feeding system
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Economical fuel burning
  • Smoke free and ecological burning
  • Possible to incorporate central heating and domestic hot water pumps
  • Possible to use in conjunction with a buffer tank.

The boiler is equipped with a thermostatic safety valve.

Please ring for prices and availability.

Golden glow boiler green

Available in:

  • 18kw
  • 22kw
  • 26kw
  • 39kw
  • 50kw
  • 75kw
  • 100kw
  • 150kw
  • 200kw
Golden glow boiler blue

Available in:

  • 12kw
  • 17kw
  • 25kw