Swilly Fuels home heating oil, road and agricultural diesel

(086) 243 1973 free O2 to O2
(087) 229 6444 free Vodafone to Vodafone
email: sales@swillyfuels.ie
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Heating Oil, Road Diesel and Agicultural Diesel in Lifford delivered by Swilly Fuels

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  • So quick and easy!
    We've used several online ordering systems for our oil, Swilly Fuels is so easy and so safe to use.

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    Regular comparisons mean you get the very best prices

Swilly Fuels already delivers to the following areas of Lifford:

Ard Na Soal, Aughyshiel, Ballindrait, Ballylast, Ballynabreen, Braid, Castlefinn Road, Cavanhill, Connaberry, Conneyburagh Rd, Culatee, Curragh Lane, Drumleen, Glencush, Haw, Main Street, Porthall, Rosgrier, The Haw, The Roughan, Townsparks

To order your fuel today just click on Order Online in the top menu and select your required oil, derv or agricultural diesel and the amount you need - alternatively ring the office on 086 2431973 remember to quote "WEB" so we can prioritise your order!